Are you our M&E and research partner?

One of the early activities we are undertaking to inform the detailed design of TFV 2.0 is a lessons learned evaluation of TFV 1.0, and future focussed market research across the Indo-Pacific.

 The activity will involve engagement and research across the Indo-Pacific, ideally leveraging established in-country networks and relationships so that the work can be kept locally focussed. We want to understand how best to build upon the pioneering work of TFV 1.0 and to broaden the opportunity for the TFV to support more enterprises, women and girls across the region.

We are seeking an experienced organisation or individual to carry out this activity. The right partner will have demonstrable M&E and research experience, as well strong networks across the region. This is a funded activity that will need to be delivered efficiently and completed by November 2023.

 Applications for this opportunity closed on 31 August 2023. If you have further interest in our M&E and Research project, please use our general contact form to get in touch.