Philanthropy partnership opportunity

The TFV 2.0 project is adopting a blended funding and financing approach to the design, development and operation of the next version of the TFV.  Blended means a mix of investment that can include government funding, philanthropic funding and private funding / financing.  Blended approaches provide a great platform for early stage enterprises that require different kinds of capital to help with different roles and functions.

The Australian Government (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) has provided funding to TFV 2.0 of AU$250,000 to support much of the work being done on the design and development phase. Private investors have supported the operations of TFV 1.0 through impact lending finance, and the next version of the TFV will continue to provide that opportunity.

There is now the opportunity for a philanthropy partner to join TFV 2.0 by contributing towards the funding of the design, development and early operations of the next version of the TFV. This partnership will be of interest to philanthropists with a passion for supporting gender investing in enterprise development within the Indo-Pacific region.

To learn more about this opportunity, please read this concept note. If you have interest in talking to us about this, please fill in our contact form and tick ‘yes’ to the question Are you interested in talking with us about the TFV 2.0 Concept Note and the philanthropic funding opportunity?