First Philanthropic Supporter Secured

Red Hat Impact has been pursuing additional philanthropic support – up to $100,000 – to co-invest with the Australian Government in the TV 2.0 project. 

In the last month, we secured our first commitment of $20,000 from the philanthropic wing of a Sydney based Family Office (that prefers to undertake their philanthropy anonymously). Their spokesperson says in relation to their gift to support the TFV 2.0 work: 

“For over a decade, our Foundation has provided financial support to several charitable enterprises globally to help aid advancement in women’s menstrual health. What appeals to us about this TFV, is the more structural change the Red Hat Impact team are endeavouring to achieve. Without finding broader solutions to some of the systemic barriers these enterprises face including financing, logistics and supply chain issues, there will be a continued struggle to create sustainable business models and in turn provide the desperately needed products for women in these local communities.”

We are still seeking up to another $80,000 of philanthropic funding to invest in the project – see here for more details