Introducing Our M&E & Research Partner – Supivaa

Red Hat Impact is excited to announce its selection of Supivaa as its M&E and Research partner for TFV 2.0, our project to evolve our award-winning Trade Finance Vehicle for Pacific Menstrual Health enterprises to support more women-led enterprises in the Indo-Pacific. 

 Supivaa was one of many outstanding organisations to express their interest in working with us following our call for proposals in mid-August. They have an unwavering commitment to a gender lens and prior experience in the Pacific region. What set Supivaa apart was their combined experience in monitoring, evaluation and research; working with significant impact investment funds; and directly supporting women-led micro, small and medium sized businesses in emerging markets. 

 “When we put the call out for Expressions of Interest for a M&E and Research partner, we didn’t dream that we’d find an organisation as uniquely suited as Supivaa”, says Cameron Neil, Red Hat Impact Director and project manager for the TFV 2.0 project. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Supivaa to research and design innovative capital mechanisms that can better serve the needs and ambitions of women’s enterprises in the Indo-Pacific. Supivaa’s extensive experience across the value chain from investment funds down to supporting grassroots women entrepreneurs is unique and powerful. We believe that together we can foster some of the capital market transformation needed to unlock the massive potential of Indo-Pacific women’s enterprise to uplift their communities and thrive.”

 Red Hat Impact sees our relationship with Supivaa continuing beyond the Trade Finance Vehicle project given our shared values and interests. The need for capital innovation and market building is larger than ever and, given the challenges the world is facing, we know we will be stronger and achieve more working with amazing collaborators like Supivaa. 

Ruby Alcantara, Founder & CEO of Supivaa said “We are thrilled to be partnering with Red Hat Impact on the expansion of the TVF programme. TFV 1.0 represented a milestone in demand-driven innovative finance. We look forward to furthering this partnership with women-founded/led MSMEs to promote and actionize their vision for the Pacific. By working together, we will transition both the ventures and their communities onto a path of innovation, gender intentionality, and ultimately, shared economic prosperity.”  

The Supivaa Team for TFV 2.0

The photo above shows the core Supivaa team working with Red Hat Impact on TFV 2.0 (from L to R, Top to Bottom): Carolyn Burns, Ruby Alcantara, Syeda Samira Saif, and Dr Maira Bholla.

Thanks to all those who expressed interest in collaborating with us on the M&E and Research component of the project! It was humbling to have such stellar and high quality applicants to choose from!