A New Partnership Commits Additional Resources for TFV 2.0

In a previous update, we were excited to let you know that we’d successfully secured AU$20K from the philanthropic wing of a Sydney based Family Office that has been investing globally in improving menstrual health outcomes. 

With thanks to The Case For Her for the introduction, we’ve now also secured funding from Vitol Foundation, another organisation that has been investing in WASH and women’s health initiatives globally. 
This funding means that we will deliver TFV 2.0 with a combined budget of AU$350K, anchored by AU$250K from the Australian Government. 
The Vitol Foundation has also contributed funds into our TFV 2.0 Bridging Fund, a short-term AU$100K facility we are using to:
  1. carry forward the stock we still hold from TFV 1.0 to TFV 2.0,
  2. take on the remaining supply agreement we have with one existing menstrual health enterprise due for repayment in 2024, and
  3. have cash available for new inventory requirements for our current menstrual health enterprise customers until the launch of TFV 2.0 in the middle of 2024.

Five of our participants in the TFV 1.0 US$50K facility have also contributed to funding the TFV 2.0 Bridging Fund.

We are delighted and privileged to be able to use this blended finance to support menstrual health and other women’s enterprises across the Indo-Pacific going into 2024.